mourinho ancelottiThe end of the game from Parc des Princes, which enshrined the qualification of the French from PSG in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals at the expense of Spaniards from Valencia (1-1, 3-2 on aggregate)  surprised an unchained Carlo Ancelotti, who was very happy.

Beyond emotions he experienced in the last minutes of the return leg from Paris, when the Spaniards forced the goal to send the game into overtime, the Italian coach also had another reason for complacency. He became the second coach, after Jose Mourinho, who reached in the quarterfinals of the most prestigious football competitions in the world with four different teams. The other three teams are Chelsea, AC Milan and Juventus.

“Given the two rounds, I think we deserved to qualify, even if the return was more difficult. We started to play better after the goal scored by Valencia. Once they have opened the score, I was a bit worried. It is normally, the qualification became open. But the players have had a good response. The goal woke up a little our team, who played more offensive ” said Ancelotti at the end of the match against Valencia.

The Italian tactician said he felt the absence of Ibrahimovic, but was content with other players.

“Although we controlled the first half, we played too close of our goal, which allowed Valencia to pressure. Ibrahimovic is a very important player for us, but and the others have done a good job. Gameiro went very well, but I has prefered to use a forward a midfielder such as Chantome. Gameiro’s entrance was the key of the equalizer goal, ” concluded Ancelotti.