juventus-bayernBayern Munich eliminated Juventus from the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal at the end of a double clash in which the Turin side not scored and received 4 goals. Overall difference between the two teams is evident not only on the pitch but in balance sheets. Thus, the strongest football team on economical plan was better also on the pitch.

The first who showed this difference was coach Antonio Conte after the first leg, when the press asked him to explain why Juventus failed to give a stronger response to Germans. “Bayern spent 48 million on one player, Javi Martinez, and here ends any discussion. They spend money, and the differences are seen,” said the Italian.

Over the years, the organization of Bayern Munich has become a model of virtuosity and efficiency, the red and white club finishing each of the last 12 years on profit! A comparison of the balance sheets of the two teams in 2013 reveals a huge gap between the champions from Bundesliga and those from Serie A.

Never in the history of 112 years of existence the Germans had a so strong economic base. Investing in Allianz Arena stadium was already recovered, and the Bavarians already recorded consistent profit thanks matches that are almost always played sold out. In 2012, the Germans made ??a surplus of 12 million euros, compared to 9.8 million euros as many earned 12 months earlier.

Even though Juventus has made progress thanks to participation in the Champions League, Italian’s balance remains negative: have had debts of 48.7 million euros in 2012. They have reason to be satisfied, however. In the 2010/2011 season when they won the title recorded losses of nearly 100 million euros. More specifically, 95.4 million euros.