suarez_evraThis summer, the English Football Association (FA), inspired by scandals in which were involved footballers in recent years such as John Terry and Luis Suarez, plans to toughen penalties for players who will step wrong in terms of racial or sexual discrimination .

UEFA has already introduced a minimum suspension of 10 stages in its competitions (UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and European Super Cup) for any footballer guilty of racist or homophobic behavior against other players. The British, however, have established a penalty of at least five rounds for the players from their championship, depending on the severity of the gesture. In addition, the guilties will be forced to take part to an educational program. A second offense doubles the minimum period from which will start suspensions, as media reports in England.

Neither the clubs are not forgotten by the FA. A team that will have two or more players punished for that reason within one year could be even relegated!

Next week, London will host the UEFA European Forum Congress in which will adopt new rules and will recommend to all federations to take a minimum 10 steps penalty of suspension for racist and homophobic behavior of the footballers. FA chairman David Bernstein said the UEFA measure has no subtlety, because deviations have different levels of severity.