messi-neymarImmediately after the transfer of Neymar at FC Barcelona, ??there were questions about how the Brazilian will collaborate with the Argentine star Lionel Messi, many football professionalists saying that there will be a conflict between the two, both on the field and in the dressing room.

Even the legendary footballer Johan Cruyff said that there is no room for both players in the starting XI, because they can not play together, but two swords are held in the same pocket, according to the man who has won everything he could with Barcelona, ??Josep Guardiola.

“The best player in history and another great player? Sure that they can work together,” Guardiola said when asked about the collaboration between Neymar and Messi.

Pep also had words of appreciation for Cruyff, whom give credit for the game of the Blaugrana grouping: “Barcelona won 100 points, and that’s a huge thing. Cruyff’s idea continues and they have fantastic players.”

Barcelona play the first friendly match of the summer on July 20 against the Poles from Legia Gdansk. At that time, Messi and Neymar could play for the first time together. Next training game will be on July 24, with Bayern Munich, the new team of the former Catalan tactician Josep Guardiola.

So far Messi has clashed with several players coming to Barcelona. The most publicized was the conflict between the Argentine star and the Spanish striker David Villa, who began to look for another team lately after came at the Nou Camp with great pomp, and was seen as an excellent collaborator for Messi.