Negotiations that lasted the whole summer had ended yesterday. It was made the official announcement of Bale’s transfer to Real Madrid.

After making the medical visits, the Wales star was presented to supporters who were at the stadium in number about 20,000.

Florentino Perez was the first who spoke, thanking the Premier League club, and the player, for this choice.

“We incorporate a man who it is very clear has the talent and passion for football,” Perez said for reporters.

“He is an exceptional player, the best in the Premier League last season. He is a young player, he is dedicated to the sport and the ball. Now he realises one of his greatest dreams – to be a player of Real Madrid.”

“We have been in protracted negotiations for a long time, they were complex. I want to thank Tottenham for the chance they have given us to have him.”

“But finally we have succeeded. The determination of Bale has been essential to making his arrival at Real Madrid a reality.” added the president of the Blancos grouping.

The first message sent by the 24 year old footballer for the 20,000 fans present at the Santiago Bernabeu sounded like this.

“Hello everyone, it is amazing to be here, a dream. I hope to help the team to win the Decima.” were the words spoken by Bale on stage special built for his presentation.

Following this transfer, Real Madrid might have set a new record on the transfer market. The € 100 million have not been officially confirmed by any of the clubs. However, with Ronaldo (€ 94mil), the two are the most expensive players in the world.